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Six years ago, Swedish student Paula had a difficult time managing her busy schedule and keeping track of all her musts. After many days of searching for the perfect personal diary Paula was frustrated. She couldn’t find a single planner that wasn’t boring.

A couple of day’s later Paula’s husband Anders felt sorry for his wife so he decided to create a fun and personalised diary just for her. He had the experience for it after working in the field of graphic design for 10 years. He started to plan the design and created the diary in silence as a surprise for his wife. Anders named the journal; personal – planner and presented his gift to his wife. To his big satisfaction his wife was amazed and blown away by her gift.

The personal-planner had something she never seen before; a square planner with her name on the cover and a whole year with a colorful 2-page spread for each week. Shortly, Paula’s university friends noticed her unusual and very personalized journal and glanced at her gift with envy wishing they too had one.

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Realising that there was an obvious market for the product Anders started handing out flyers on the street in which he literally got and order for each flyer handed out. To produce his new product he was allowed to use his working office on weekends. Armed with a colour printer and a manual stencil-and-cutting machine he created each planner by hand. Soon after, he had created his own website so that he would be able to handle more orders. By the end of that weekend, had received an order of hundred personal diaries. Fortunate for Anders he had a friend who owned a printing house making the productions of the personal diary possible.


 Unique Product Created a Massive Buzz

After the website was established words about the personal planner spread like a wildfire in the blogosphere and pictures of Anders planner was suddenly everywhere. Two interviews later with the Swedish Economynews and a journalist from the Daily Industry, the business took a positive turn for real. Anders quit his daily job, which gave him the chance to fully focus his attention on his new business idea. In 2007 the Swedish page; was nominated one of the “101 clever e-business ideas” by Posten (The National Postal Service) and HUI (The Analysis Institute of Commerce).


The Personalised Organiser Arrives In Australia

Years later thousands of personal – planners found their homes. To the thrill of Australian residents the product has been launched and promoted here in Australia for us to purchase. In February 2012, two driven university graduates and Swedish citizens living in Melbourne brought the brilliant idea to life. Not only do they offer a hard copy of your own personal – planner but they also created a personalised blog planner. It’s a marvelous innovation for bloggers who whish to keep their readers up to date with their weekly schedules and up coming events. It permits for bloggers to create and design their own personalised online diary and what’s great; it’s free of charge too! The personalised diary is absolutely amazing as it’s a perfect gift for friends and loved ones. What a great way to motivate oneself one ay!


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Not surprising, the Personal Planner has been written about on popular Australian blogs and has already many likes on their Facebook page. Below you can read some of the comments from very satisfied customers.



I’m super happy! It was so much fun to pick and choose between all the alternatives online. It was delivered to me very quickly and looked just as I expected. Nothing to complain about—it’s all positive! /Emma


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